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In 1976 Devonport began New Zealand's first Municipal Recycling scheme. We are keeping the theme going by recycling part of the old Brickworks

Discovered these old photos on the internet, kind of like before and after shots I guess. Rumour has it that a couple of blokes in these photos are volunteers today

"I can remember when........"


What We Offer

Intelligent Conversation 

(kind of)


One to One advice

Access and guidance with tools

Health & Safety


What Our Customers Say


Messed up a home project so took it down to the boys thinking they can fix it and I will get the credit at home. WRONG, They showed me how to fix it and I had to do it. Now I am hooked. Thinking of the next thing I can make

by Bob

Visited seeking advice on a curtain pelmet. Pete was a great help. If he was 30 years younger I would be seeking a lot more than advice

by Angeleyes

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