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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

These are our conditions of Use


  1. Before starting work please report to the workshop Supervisor.

  2. Please read the “conditions of entry”, then if it is your first visit, sign the Indemnity form.

  3. To comply with health and safety requirements, eye and ear protection must be worn, when working with machinery.

  4. A donation to cover expenses is required;

    1. A minimum of $15 per half hour.

    2. Welding and Thicknesser extra.

  5. Hours are 9am to Noon, Monday to Saturday.

  6. Please clean up when you have finished work and remove any waste from your job.

  7. Workshop tools are not available for loan.

  8. Trailer available for cost covering donation.  Book with Supervisor

Do I have to be a member to Use the Devonport Community Workshop

The Devonport Community Workshop is not membership based.  To use the Workshop you pay a small donation and work with the supervising volunteers.  This ensures your safety and that you get the best use of our equipment to complete your projects.

Is the Workshop a MenzShed?

The Devonport Community Workshop is affiliated with the Menzsheds NZ but operates in it's own distinct way.   The workshop is open to all, men, women and children wanting to work with our experienced volunteers.

What work can I get done at the Devonport Community Workshop

All manner of projects can be undertaken at the workshop, from repairs to chairs, tables as well as  other wood or metal based projects or creations.  We have a wide range of equipment that allows you to work wood and metal for many projects.

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