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Community Testimonials

Word of Mouth

The Devonport Community Workshop was an absolute blessing when we were planning props for our school show, Suessical. We provided them the gist of what we wanted and they delivered above and beyond what we were hoping for! The props were well made & designed, they looked amazing and were able to withstand children climbing on them when needed. The props were safe, looked fantastic and were crafted quickly! Thanks team!

Anna Godsalve, Belmont Primary School

My name is Clare Nikkel and I am a Waterwise instructor for Devonport Peninsula 7 Schools Waterwise. Waterwise is a volunteer-run non-profit programme who teach school children safety in open water through sailing and kayaking.

The claystore has supported our work immensely, through providing us space and tools to maintain our equipment. The Claystore volunteers have always been incredibly generous with their time and expertise, and even occasionally made house-calls to the boat sheds to help us with tricky jobs.

The Claystore is an amazing community initiative. The friendly volunteers are skilled and passionate about making and repairing things using shared resources and as such are a prime example of sustainability at a community level.

Clare Nikkel

I highly recommend the Devonport Community Workshop at the Claystore, where you can not only hone your own skills using their abundant selection of machinery, but also bring in items for repairs and receive expert guidance from the friendly volunteers. The center's unique focus on hands-on assistance fosters a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging individuals to learn and contribute to the restoration of their belongings and keeping items out of landfill.

Jean Van Havill

I can’t speak highly enough of the Devonport Community Workshop, at The Clay Store, and its passionate team of volunteers. I’m a local DIY weekend warrior - I love to have a project on the go and the satisfaction of building something with my own hands. When I hit the limits of my skills or my tools, I head down to the Clay Store. They have a huge array of gear and the volunteers with the knowledge to untangle the gnarliest problems (lots of them are retired tradies) – they seem to thrive on the challenge of working out a way to get stuff done. They’re patient teachers if you’re keen to learn (and they’ll teach how to do it safely) or they’ll happily do it for you if it’s a bit tricky. I’ve been really impressed by how welcoming they are of newcomers – particularly of kids wanting to do something for themselves. I’ve learnt a huge amount down at the workshop and had a ton of fun in the process. Such an awesome asset for our community.

Mark Davies

I contacted the Claystore when I needed to build specialty moulds for making natural soap, using very specific designs and materials. It required working very delicately and avoiding using harsh materials, whilst simultaneously following an intricate design. It was not an easy task! And in fact, we went through a professional joiner the first time around but had to go back to the drawing board. The Claystore did not just manage to help get this done, but they did it beautifully and went on to create a few more for us. We were extremely happy with the result!

Tali Rose

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