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George Francis-Crook

Past Chairman

Electronics, DIY, Woodworking, Furniture repair


About ...

George travelled the world as a radio officer in the merchant navy working aboard a series of tramp steamers before landing a civilian position in the NZ Defense Scientific Establishment at the Devonport Navy Base in 1968.  While George was there this evolved into the Navy Research Laboratory and then the Defense Technology Group.

With little money left over after purchasing a less than pristine home in Devonport George found himself becoming proficient in the many skills required to maintain, repair and ultimately renovate an almost 100-year-old villa.  

It was through his many DIY projects and Devonport Dock Yard contacts that George first discovered the Devonport Community Workshop @ The Claystore. After years of using the workshop, he signed on a volunteer upon his retirement in 1999.

Since then, George has developed something of a specialty in repairing old furniture and has repaired scores of chairs and tables over the years.

George recently moved to a smaller home and no longer has room for a workshop of his own.

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