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Derek Wye


Metalwork, tramping, travel, sustainability


About ...

Derek moved to Devonport in the early eighties having married a local girl he met on his extensive world travels.  These included two years travelling from the UK to New Zealand via the overland route through Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and SE Asia, climbing expeditions in Patagonia, a year travelling through South America, a near death experience in Mexico requiring a stint of convalescence back in the UK, then six months hitchhiking around the US before finally settling down in Australia for a couple of years.

Derek served his apprenticeship in mechanical engineering and microelectronics at the Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment, Fort Southwick, UK.  After completing his training, he worked mainly on large infrastructure projects including the Synthetic Petrol Plant at Motunui, where he met his wife.  After moving to Devonport Derek worked at the Naval Dockyard before moving to Auckland University where he worked for 15 years before retiring.

Derek knew of the DCW@ The Claystore through his Dock Yard contacts and not wanting his skills to go to waste he joined as a Volunteer soon after retiring.  His extensive skills and experience have made Derek an invaluable member of the DCW team.  

Derek has a small, garage workshop that punches well above its weight.  With a small lathe, a drill press and an extensive kit of hand tools Derek can make or repair just about anything made out of metal. He particularly likes repairing, restoring, or repurposing items to extend their useful life and keep them out of the landfill. 

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