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Peter Monti


Woodworking, Rowing & Rugby


About ...

Peter was born and raised in Dunedin where he lived until moving to Auckland in 1985 to further his career.  Having grown up around boats, his father was an extremely talented boat builder, Peter naturally gravitated to Devonport.

He developed a passion for working with his hands at an early age but ultimately decided on a career in the then developing field of information systems and computer management. Besides his father’s influence Peter spent a lot of time in his grandfather’s well-equipped workshop where he enjoyed building model wooden boats.  Peter also got involved in repairing rowing shells through his father’s boat building business which led to a lifelong association with the sport, as a rower, cox and coach.

Like a number of current volunteers Peter had been a regular user of The Devonport Community Workshop @ The Claystore over the years and made the transition to volunteer soon after retiring.  He initially discovered The Claystore through Peter Nelson, an old friend from Dunedin, and they now volunteer together on Tuesdays.

Peter doesn't currently have a workshop at home but finds he can do everything he needs at The Claystore’s well equipped shop, where he maintains many of the machines.

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