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Phillip Luffman


Developing his woodworking skills


About ...

Philip immigrated to New Zealand as a teenager in 1972, living in Remuera until moving to Devonport with his wife, who had family here, in the early 80’s. He and his wife still live next door to her brother in Devonport.

Philip started an engineering apprenticeship in the UK but had it to abandon it due to developing severe allergies to the chemicals and cutting fluids used in the workshop.  He then became a store man for a food manufacturer in the UK.  After immigrating to New Zealand Philip took a job with the Post Office where he worked until he retired. 

Philip discovered the Devonport Community Workshop @ The Claystore through his brother-in-law, who has been a regular user of the workshop for many years.  Although Philip describes himself as not very handy, he enjoyed the comradery at the workshop and felt that he could be helpful so signed on as a volunteer.  Philip enjoys learning about shop safety and how to use the machines and manages to stay very busy on his volunteer day.  He has started working on his own projects to further develop his skills and now feels comfortable helping others in the workshop.

Philip doesn't really have a workshop at home but has access to his brother in law’s impressive workshop which is just next door.  As his skills develop Philip is looking forward to taking on larger and more complex projects.

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