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Steve Sims

Website admin

Technology, DIY, Woodwork and Garden projects


About ...

Steve’s an Aussie but don’t hold that against him.  He visited Auckland many times for business through the 80’s and 90’s in his roles with Software companies and always enjoyed the lay back lifestyle in NZ.  Working with a NZ software company, he finally moved here from Sydney in 2001 with his family.  After exploring many suburbs on an exploratory trip, they found Devonport and have been here ever since.

Steve went to Uni in Perth, studying Architecture but gave that away after about 9 months and got a job in the Computer industry where he then spent his entire career.  First operating big old mainframes, then programming before latching onto the PC boom and providing training and creating PC applications for customers.  A long stint in Sales and Marketing followed before a move into Development management.  

His first recollection of getting his hands dirty was helping his Dad rejuvenate an old Caravan that the family then used touring Western Australia.  All the houses that Steve and his wife have bought and sold over the years have been do-ups so helped grow his DIY experience.  

Steve connected with the Community Workshop through his friend Derek Wye, a Monday volunteer.  Steve also volunteers on the Governance committee for North Shore Riding for the Disabled, and manages their website and systems.  Martin Ford, Treasurer for the Community workshop and a golfing buddy, heard of this and asked him to help with the Community Workshops website and social media presence.

He has a reasonably equipped workshop at home that includes a solid workbench made of Kauri recycled from his home renovation, plus a wood turning lathe that his Dad built.   He and his wife enjoy working in their garden, establishing it from ground zero.

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