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Peter Nelson


DIY, Woodwork, Scratch Built Model Boats


About ...

Peter’s career as a Forensic and Environmental Scientist brought him to Auckland in the early 70’s.  Once in Auckland It took him about 9 months to discover Devonport where he soon settled and began raising his family.  He also embraced the local lifestyle, becoming an old wooden sailboat owner through marriage and joining the Devonport Yacht Club.

Peter developed his affinity for working with his hands from an early age when his family lived next door to a coffin maker with a wonderful workshop.  Peter and his brother would hang out there in their spare time making model boats and planes from scratch and developing their woodworking skills. These skills were put to good use over his many years of wooden boat ownership.

His love of wooden boats ultimately led him to The Devonport Community Workshop @ The Claystore back in the days when local boat building legend John Woolacott was a volunteer. Peter always knew that when he had the time he would like to become a volunteer and give back to the community and since retiring in 2012, Peter has done just that, every Tuesday morning.

Peter has had several workshops over the years.  His current one is a lean-to he built himself and although not large it is capable of turning out some impressive work.

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