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Peter Burnett


Woodturning, NZ Maritime Heritage, Blues & Folk Guitar


About ...

Originally from the deep south, Peter slowly made his way north through a succession of roles in the aviation industry, finally landing in Devonport in the early 70’s where he and his wife put down roots and raised their four children. 

While Peter started his working life as a brickie’s labourer and spent some time as an apprentice fitter and turner, he ultimately chose an office career, joining NAC (National Airways Corporation) where he worked for many years.

After retiring Peter developed a passion for woodturning and many of his creations can be found in the homes of his friends and family.


An article in the local Flagstaff newspaper led Peter to The Devonport Community Workshop @ The Claystore.  Liking what he saw, Peter soon became a regular Saturday morning volunteer. Peter also volunteers at the Maritime Museum, where he helps maintain their fleet of boats.

Peter has had the same garage workshop for many years.  Stocked with a good selection of hand tools, a small wood lathe and bathed in afternoon sun makes it an appealing place to spend time. However, you’re just as likely to find him practicing his blues guitar playing as you are to find him in the workshop these days.

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